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Are you gearing up for an upcoming trade show and feeling overwhelmed by the endless to-do list? It can be stressful to get everything right, but one decision that can make a significant difference in your trade show experience is whether or not you want to rent exhibit booth furniture.

Trade show furniture rental offers many advantages:

Cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and the convenience of having everything set up and waiting for you when you arrive. Imagine walking into the exhibition hall, feeling the excitement in the air, and catching sight of your booth – perfectly furnished and ready to welcome visitors. Rent or Purchase Trade Show Furnishings? How to Decide When it comes to furnishing your trade show booth, should you rent exhibit booth furniture or purchase it? The first consideration is often budget. Trade show furniture rental is usually more cost-effective because you save on shipping and material handling costs. Additionally, high-cost packages can often be discounted by bundling with other services from your rental provider. On the flip side, purchasing can save money over time if you’re able to reuse your furniture, though this can also incur costs for repair, maintenance, shipping, and storage. Another element to think through is sustainability and convenience. For example, renting is more sustainable since the furniture is reused, lengthening its life. Exhibition furniture rental can also be significantly more convenient and less stressful for you. Why? Because when you rent, you’re guaranteed to have clean and damage-free furniture waiting for you in your booth when you arrive. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that! Now, think about your objectives. Do you need a meeting space, bar stools or chairs for booth staff, an area for product displays, custom graphic counters, a registration area to gather leads, or do you want to create a lounge for casual meetings? Answering these questions will help you determine the type of furniture you’ll need, and whether you’ll be better served renting it or owning it. Types of Trade Show Rental Furniture to Enhance Your Booth Counters – Counters are essential for various purposes, like displaying products, serving as a registration area, or showcasing custom graphics. They’re often the showpiece of your booth, so be sure to choose the one that fits your needs best. Tables – Tables come in various styles to suit your specific needs. Options include skirted tables for a professional appearance, conference tables for meetings, and portable tables for flexibility. Seating – Comfortable seating is crucial for any booth. Pick from a range of sofas, chairs, and bar stools to provide comfort to your visitors and staff. Furniture packages – If you’re unsure about which furniture pieces to choose, consider opting for a trade show furniture rental package that includes a sofa and table, chairs and a side table, or a bar table and stools.

Trade Show Furnishings: What should I purchase?

Even when renting the majority of your booth’s furnishings, it may still make sense to purchase certain items. For example, you might consider purchasing lightweight and easy-to-assemble options. These can be quickly set up and taken down, making them perfect for trade shows.

Affordable Seating

If you’re on a budget, consider renting affordable seating options like bar stools and chairs. They’re practical, comfortable, and won’t break the bank, all while offering your customers a more comfortable experience.

Premium Furniture Rentals

Want to add a touch of class or a hint of luxury to your exhibition display? Then consider premium exhibition furniture rental. Simple upgrades in materials or design can turn a comfortable and functional space into a more upscale destination for your customers.

Trade Show Furnishings: Sustainable Offerings

In today’s eco-conscious world, you may want to choose furniture made from sustainable materials. Many trade show furniture rental companies offer eco-friendly furnishings for exhibits that are made from recycled materials, allowing you to minimize your environmental impact while still achieving a stylish and functional booth. To sum it all up, renting furniture for your trade show booth offers a cost-effective, sustainable, and hassle-free solution. With a variety of trade show furniture rental options available, you can tailor your booth to meet your specific objectives and create a welcoming space for visitors.

Focused on Exhibitor Success

Helping exhibitors have a successful show is our top priority. If you’re looking for a partner to help with exhibit planning details, download the exhibitor budget worksheet and continue reading our next article in this exhibitor roadmap. If you are exhibiting at a Nucleus Exhibitions show, find your event here to explore Nucleus Exhibit Furnishings+ for discount furniture packages, as well as Exhibit Systems+ for trade show booth rentals with custom fabric graphics.

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